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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday dinner and a Tablescape

I can't believe it's Thursday!!

         One of my favorite days in Blogland and it snuck up on me again! We're linking up to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch. Our gracious hostess, Susan presides over a fantastic assortment of talented and creative tablescapers- come and browse for a while

This week has been a blur thanks in large part to this horrendous virus that snuck into the house when I wasn't looking. I realized it was Wednesday when I got to the gym at 4:45 this morning to meet my Tuesday morning client (who, of course, was still at home all tucked snug in his bed.

Yes, my brain is fried. 

So the tablescape we're sharing today is tonight's dinner table. 
I'm the kind of person that gets bored easily- as evidenced by the fact that I have a tendency to move furniture on a whim. 

To the point that my husband refuses to walk through any room in our house in the dark for fear of breaking a leg or stubbing a toe.

He also claims that if anyone stands still for too long, I'll paint them

He exaggerates a bit

Just a bit

I decided to go with all white dishes tonight. That decision was based on the fact that these particular dishes were still sitting on my dining room table from a dinner I hosted last week. So I'm repurposing

I can't believe I admitted that

Last week I posted about reality. We got a ton of emails after that post thanking us for being honest about the realities of decorating and tablescaping in the real world. 

So I'm being honest- sometimes things sit out for a while. It's not a deliberate decision

"Honey, I like the way those plates look stacked on the couch. And Nick's sneakers make a real statement sitting in the powder room sink where he left them. Let's live with it for a while".

No, that's not the way it goes. 

It's more about 7 people living in one house and the ensuing chaos that ensues.

This is our kitchen table

Same dishes- different room, linens, food...

Meet Mr Rooster

He normally lives out on our screen porch. His bell announces to the neighborhood that dinner is ready and the kids who live here should find their way home

He's very assertive

Here's another one of my realities. When I don't have enough napkins, I alternate them on the table. People who eat here think I'm being fancy. 

I'm just being smart

And cheap :)

All these whites were acquired separately

But they play together so nicely

I love these clear bubble glasses- they go with everything

Our little Carolina cardinals

Some southern sweet tea...

I love the simple white- it's all about texture here

So what's for dinner, Mom??

Hot and creamy, soul warming 

a creamy tomato based version of "Pasta Fazool" with a peppery bite 
Nonna's secret ingredient? Fresh ginger!

Herb foccacia and tender pork cutlets

and a tangy homemade vegetable relish from the canning pantry (otherwise known as the garage)

Join us tomorrow night for Foodie Friday at Gollum's where we'll be sharing the recipe for our rustic Pasta e Fagiole and also a fabulous, decadent, spectacular surprise dessert. 

It's a surprise to me too- I haven't figured out what we're making yet

Time to go dig through the pantry

As Always,

Buon Alimento, Buon Amici,

Pattie and Allie


  1. Your table is beautiful! I love the square plates! Food looks very temptimg too!

  2. Very pretty tablescape! I like the square table with your square dishes. I use alternating napkin colours too! Yummy looking food!


  3. Beautiful words and dishes! I just cleared the DR of my last white tablescape in preparation for my mother's visit. I love your idea of different napkins. I have twosies and threesies that would be happy together. I'm sorry you've been sick! I'm still organizing. STILL!

  4. That table looks fabulous! I really love mix and matching white dishes. Yours look great. I also love that rooster dinner bell.

  5. Pretty the rooster!

  6. Love the square plates. So pretty. The rooster is awesome. Rosie

  7. Hope that the bug is clearing up around your house! My 9 year old has strep...hope it doesn't spread! I love the square plate layering...and the bubbled glasses! Take Care, Joni

  8. Table setting is lovely and the food looks delicious!

  9. Your tablescape is beautiful! I love Mr. Rooster, and that soup looks yummy!


  10. What an absolutely beautiful table! I love your square dishes and all the other dishes on the table. Thay are all so simply gorgeous!..Christine

  11. Everything is beautiful. Love the Rooster. Can't wait for the recipes. Glad you all are feeling better!

  12. I am in love with your plates!! Those are awesome. You did a beautiful job.

    Stop by and enter my napkin ring giveaway.


  13. Very pretty table! The soup look yummy too!

  14. your table is so pretty, however it was hard to focus on that with all the pictures of the wonderful food, wow everything looks delicious...Phyllis

  15. Such a pretty table! I love white dishes and the square plates are charming.

  16. Your table looks wonderful! Those dishes are so pretty. And of course the food looks delish!

    I bet there are a lot of us there that have stacks of dishes sitting around waiting to be put away!

    Have a good evening!

  17. Your tablescape is gorgeous! Come see me sometime! Would love to have you visit!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  18. The tablescape is wonderful and the dishes are fantastic...a kiss Luciana

  19. I love your tablescape and especially the idea about napkins! I'll be back to see what's for dinner tomorrow.


  20. White is so classic, and I love all your different pieces. Mr. Rooster is very handsome, and your food looks amazing!

  21. I love your suggestion for napkins. You've set another lovely table that I'm sure makes all who sit at it feel welcome.

  22. Great table. I love your square table. Don't see those too often. I love your napkins not matching. I do that sometimes, too. I also just added myself as a follower. I thought I already had, but hadn't. All fixed now.

  23. I absolutely love your table and your tablescape as well - simply gorgeous!

  24. Mmmm - yumm yumm yumm! Pasta e Fogiole is my absolute FAVORITE! Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, Scott will say get in the car and take me to Olive Garden to have all the Pasta Fazool I can handle! LOL! It's great there by the way - but I can't wait to try this recipe at home! So delicious looking, and your tablescape is perfectly stunning! Love those square plates/chargers! :) Artie


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