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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Danger! Danger! Chocolate Alert!

Oh happy day!! It's Foodie Friday which means party time at Designs by Gollum! 

I could really use a party this week. A time to kick back, relax, and....zzzzzzzz....

Huh?? Oh, right.

Wake up Pattie.  

You can sleep AFTER the party. For now, grab a glass of wine (or some caffeine), sit back, and bring your appetite- Blogland's most talented foodies are ready to party!!

It's been a loooooong week here at Casa Bramasole and a long weekend of barbecue and sunshine is happily anticipated. My days start early

My office at 4 a.m....

I mean before 4 a.m. early

No human being should be up before 4 a.m.

Just sayin'.

My Nonno was always an early riser and summer mornings in Italy would find the 2 of us sitting out on the terrazzo watching the sun rise over the soccer stadium. Many times we would creep out for an early morning passegiatta down to the river

The buildings had a glow as the sun came up- they actually seemed to absorb the light and radiate it back out. This was a couple of blocks from my grandparents house.

There were 2 other things my Nonno and I had in common.

 One was a love of wonderful chocolate. 

Not just ANY chocolate. 

GOOD chocolate.

Creamy, dreamy, rich, chocolate.

The other thing was a strong love of country- Italy AND "America"

Nonno was so proud of the fact that his grandchildren were Americans. And his love of his own country was legendary- from his extraordinary pride in his only son who was an air force pilot to his refusal to salute Hitler during a ceremony before a soccer tournament in which he was playing (despite the fact that his teammates warned he was risking his life).

On this Memorial Day weekend I'll remember my Nonno. He would LOVE these truffles and he'd be talking about how grateful we should be for all those who have served and are now serving our country. God bless them all.

Now- be forewarned- this is a KILLER for chocolate lovers. It will cause swooning, fainting, palpitations, serious addiction, and major tightening of the waistband.

It's also a little tricky as it MUST be served immediately and is probably not a good choice for large crowds unless you don't mind a queue by your frying pan. The final product has a slightly cool, truffle-y, ganache-y consistency in the center and ooey, gooey, creamy melty chocolate outside surrounded by crusty, sweet, cinnamon-y, spicy breadcrumbs. 

Isn't that a professional description? 

Hmmm....well, I never claimed to be a writer. Just trust me- these are decadent!

Take note: these require good couverture chocolate. The supermarket stuff really won't work well. Trust me (though the trial and error DID require the consumption of huge quantities of chocolate- how bad can that be??) And don't make them too large- they're only in the hot oil for seconds.

Hot Chocolate Truffles
based on a recipe by Michel Richard

1 pound semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup hot heavy cream (brought to a low simmer)

Chop chocolate and place in a bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Stir occasionally till melted then remove from heat and stir in hot cream till combined and blended. Let set for 30-45 minutes to cool, then cover and refrigerate till completely cold
Using a small scoop, make small balls of ganache on a parchment lined cookie tray. Place in freezer for 90 minutes.

2 cups sifted flour
3 eggs beaten with a couple of tsps. of water and a good pinch of salt
1 1/2 cups fine fresh white breadcrumbs (put white bread in food processor) mixed with 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1/3 cup cinnamon (trust me- this is not too much) and a pinch of cayenne

Lightly roll balls of ganache in flour- tap off excess; this is important- roll in egg, then roll in breadcrumb mixture. Use your hands to firmly pat crumbs on. Be sure to coat completely and well. Put balls back on a parchment lined baking tray and freeze again for at least 90 minutes (I've done this up to this point several hours ahead). Save the extra crumbs and roll truffles again just before frying. 

Heat 2 inches of canola oil in an electric skillet to 375 degrees. Doing only a couple of truffles at a time, lower into the hot oil for about 10-15 seconds to crust. Drain quickly on paper towels and serve immediately. 

Then swoon. 

You can thank me later :)

As Always,

Buon Cibo, Buon Amici,

Pattie and Allie


  1. something is very wrong. I just checked my mailbox and there is no package from you. Now, knowing that I am your alter ego chocoholic I can't believe none of it made it here. :)
    just sayin'

  2. Woah, I just fainted from all this decadent chocolate. What a cool recipe, and very special to serve those family members or guests.

  3. OMG You are killing me here, I can not stand it!! I looooove chocolate. I have never heard of doing anything like this before. I am going to weigh, well lets just say more than I ever thought I could if I start cooking all of these delish recipes. Amazing as always, Happy weekend, Hugs Kathysue

  4. How do you do it? Family, work, recipes, blogging, decorating, up at 4 a.m.!

    You are amazing - and speaking of amazing, this recipe is to die for!!!

  5. Pattie, if I lived near you, I'd get on your waiting list in a heartbeat! The pool was opened today, so if I can find my swimsuit, I can do a little non weight-bearing exercise. I've found that carbs plus exercise = happy writing. But I need all the advice I can get! The word of the day is:E X P A N S I O N. But I'm a grandmother! I can expand! LOL

  6. That is the most decadent thing I have read in months. WOW. Chocolate, fried. It's like a dream come true.

  7. I think I gained a pound just reading your recipe!! Sounds delish!!

  8. Wow, that looks sooooo good. I could use some right about now!!

  9. 4 a.m.! OMG...The last time I was up at that hour was when I was having a gallbladder attack!
    I am not an early up at 6 for 33 now that I retired my winter hours are 9..summer 8..but I stay up of the perks!
    Loved your story, and the chocolate..what's not to like! :)

  10. Yum! These look heavenly! Love chocolate.:)

  11. Allie and Pattie, Those look awesome! Loved the pictures and vignette about you and your family and Italy too. What a decadent treat!

  12. This is a chocolate lover's dream! You HAVE had a busy week. I'm up by 4:30 far too often and not by choice. We can email each other! Have a good weekend!

  13. Your recipe completely threw me for a loop when I saw flour, breadcrumbs, etc.... then I saw the oil and the lightbulb went off. Wonderful!!!!!!

    I love your family stories.... what rich memories!!


  14. Warm are killing me here! This looks so delicious!! Chocolate does cure all...right??

  15. These really do look otherworldly. Truly good chocolate is hard to come by. You did a great job with the truffles and the element of heat is a real surprise. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  16. Looks like a great and fun recipe! Joni

  17. Decadent and delicious! I will dream of this tonight!!!!! Thanks...

  18. Pattie, I LOVE your truffles and your story, and I'm not sure which is the sweetest. I always enjoy hearing about your family, and I'm so proud of your Nonno for sticking up for his beliefs in the face of that monster who was Hitler. Nonno is my kind of guy!

    Wishing you a very Happy Memorial Day! I will see you when I get back from a little blog break. I won't be gone long enough for you to even notice I was missing. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  19. Oh my goodness, I just gained ten pounds at the thought!! How gloriously decadent. Looks fabulous! I love to read about your family Pattie. What lovely memories you have of your Nonno. Thanks so much for sharing! xxoo

  20. Oh, my goodness. Do you use a particular brand of chocolate? These sound and look amazing.


  21. Wonderful story.

    This looks so good, Pattie. I haven't had breakfast yet. I think I should put down the laptop and see what I can put together. I'm sure nothing as good as this, though.

    Happy weekend!

  22. I love this post, Pattie. The stories about your family are so special. And so are these decadent truffles. I'm an early riser too, usually up about 5:00 am. Early morning is the best part of the day, so quiet and peaceful.

  23. ça c'est de la pure tentation j'en salive rien qu'on le regardant
    bonne soirée

  24. Hello Girls~ ~~I am so with your Nonno only the Best chocolate will do. Guess we are chocolate snobs! I must stop back and copy recipes when I get a longer minute, busy here too.
    You have the most lovely porch. It's so enjoyable to sit inside and enjoy the out doors.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  25. I would love to be just sitting and eating these! Chocolate makes the rest of the world go away for a little while~! LOL

  26. I saw your blog featured on the Foodie Blogroll. I love that it's a mother-daughter blog! How fun. Keep it up!

  27. DELISH! What's better than chocolate!

  28. What a beautiful story. And that chocolate - pure delight. You are totally amazing! ~ Sarah

  29. Ladies, I think you hit this one out of the park... Great post...

  30. Pattie, Oh this is way too good! Chocolate truffles are perfection in themselves, and frying them is just guilding the lilly! I need these RIGHT NOW or someone might get hurt!!!! These are fabulous, great, wonderful, delicious, swoonworthy ....
    I am in chocolate love!
    Hi to Allie~ eat one (or 10) for me!
    xo Yvonne

  31. Lovely tribute to your Grandfather. That recipe is so decadent and one that we will have to try.

  32. Oh, wonderfully decadent!! I love chocolate any which way but this is over-the-top :)



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