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"If you want to live forever and ever, drink wine and eat maccheroni." ~~~Sicilian Proverb

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


 It's Tablescape Thursday! Our favorite day of the week, when Susan gives us all permission to indulge our passion for plates! I didn't have much time this week and actually didn't think we'd have anything ready. As it happens, I've been asked to plan a ladies Tea and I've been experimenting with recipes. The downside to this is,,, well, there really isn't a downside! I get to cook and create, which I love, and I get to play with dishes. And since I certainly DON'T want all the extra goodies sitting around here, it's always a perfect opportunity to have a dear friend over for "Tea (or coffee) for Two". I get valued feedback on the recipes and we get to catch up on our weeks' activities. And hubby gets to have some alone time to do, well, whatever it is he does when I'm not standing there with a honey-do list for him. So it's a win-win situation! 
      Even though my friend and I might be in our "Mommy attire"- comfy jeans and tees- we can indulge ourselves in a bit of linen, lace, silver, and beautiful china. We Mommies need to feel special sometimes.

      It was a simple setting in our living room

The late afternoon sun casts it's shadows over the setting

I love this small cake plate. The all white color scheme gives a simple elegance to the elaborate garlands of flowers and birds 

A simple orange puff pastry is perfect in the sunlight. It absolutely glistens

Coconut hazelnut scones served with thick cream are a perfect accompaniment to either tea or coffee

The sterling spreaders belonged to my Grandmother. I LOVE the little "star" pattern at the base of the blade.
The plates are an old Syracuse China pattern called Symphony

The sun starts to set...

Every table should have crystal and candles

Buttery, sugary, full of the flavor of coconut and toasted hazelnuts

These tea napkins are a showcase for the intricate hand-done Appenzel and lace work

One of my favorite white pots

It is extremely difficult to photograph the lustreware cups. The fragile porcelain is almost thin enough to see through and the interior reminds me of Mother-of-Pearl

Time for tea and friendship..

Thank you so much for visiting. Make sure to wander over to Between Naps on the Porch, sit with a cup of tea, and enjoy! Thank you, Susan, for hosting this wonderful event.

Join us Friday as we participate in Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum. The recipes for the scones and Orange Puff will be posted

Enjoy your day and be sure to make some time for a special friend

xoxo Allie and Pattie 


  1. Everything is so lovely! The different serving dishes and the china make the setting so inviting. Now I'd really love one of those scones!

  2. Your tablescape is beautiful. The flowers are just gorgeous, and your teapot made me a little bit a good way.

  3. You have so many fabulous pieces. Lovely!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  4. Everything looks just beautiful. Love that little cake stand1 It is so pretty.

  5. Oh how pretty! I don't drink tea, but can I just come and soak up the atmosphere?

  6. Just beautiful. There is nothing like a tea.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Everything looks so fresh, love the plates...but the cake pedestal is to die for! It is gorgeous...

  8. That beautiful cake plate and all the crystal and silver beauties AND the scones and orange masterpiece to eat, too? WONDERFUL!!! Every single bit of this is truly divine! Blessings, Lana

  9. Would love to join you for those goodies on the lovely plates! That cake plate is so pretty with the little flowers on it! It looks like the teapot matches. Gorgeous candlesticks and flowers! So pretty!


  10. You've created a lovely tea for two! Your cake plate and tea pot are gorgeous! I love your china, too!

  11. Oh, how beautiful! I love your pretty plates, and the white pieces with the raised embossing on them are simply gorgeous. The food looks yummy too!

  12. I'm so glad you stopped by because now I found your beautiful blog!! What gorgeous pieces...that china, I love! I do not have anything delicate and pretty like that. I love how you put it all together, and the scones look so good!! I scrolled down and browsed through some other posts...loved looking at all your dishes too! I agree with you about young brides. I am really trying to teach my girls, 8 and 10, about "these kinds of things." My mom and I will have some nice things to pass on to them, and I want them to appreciate it all. I bought for my 16-year-old niece a Gorham "Hispana" sterling sugar spoon for Christmas as she is interested in tablescaping.

  13. Hi Guys! I'm so happy you stopped by. I hope you checked out my Vintage Alphabet post. I think you two might have fun with that and join in. I too am part of a Mother/Daughter team...we've worked at our flower shop for 38 years come Oct. so, I know how much fun that is. There's another duo at Two Crazy Crafters, you might like to visit their blog too. I sure hope you visit again. Now that I know where you are I'll come by often.
    Have a fun Tablescape Thursday!

  14. So many lovely things to like here, not sure which one was my was all eye candy...and the munchins looked delightful!!~thanks for sharing!! Debbie

  15. Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful items.

  16. I love your cake plate too and am on a search to find the perfect one for me. Wish me luck!

  17. Am dying with your cake stand and cover and your fave pot.

    Wish I can find such in Sweden, somewhere, somehow.

    Happy week-end.

  18. This was a treat, a feast for the senses--just like a trip to Tuscany! I adored this!


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