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"The rooms that you use on a daily basis are the rooms people will always want to sit in, because they have soul." --Bunny Williams


"If you want to live forever and ever, drink wine and eat maccheroni." ~~~Sicilian Proverb

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're back!

We're baaaaack! Oh my gosh-it's REALLY been 7 months! My wonderful daughter created this blog as a way for us to do something together and how do I thank her? I go and do something as silly as having a heart attack! Yes, I did. Now when I do something, I do it BIG. If you're a personal trainer and you're going to have a heart attack, the best place to do it is in the gym-while with a client-when the entire fire department is there working out. Right. Not TOO embarrassing. I'm STILL getting emails from clients saying "this is what all that exercise and eating green stuff gets you!" Hmmmm.....chocolate and wine ARE good for the heart. Right???

So recovery has been slow but sure and I think we're ready to try this again. And what better place to start than at Barb's new meme, Tabletop Tuesdays. What a fabulous idea and we look forward to browsing all those beautiful blogs that are participating. This was a rather last minute decision (meaning we decided this morning) so these are just a few little corners of our home. As you'll see, I am NOT a minimalist when it comes to decorating-I love to surround my family with things that have history, beauty and, hopefully, a story. Hope you enjoy!

I'll start with my office. Now as a part-time trainer/part-time decorator my office tends to reflect my client appointments for the day. You're just as likely, on any given day, to find a dumbbell on my desk as you are a paint fandeck. Thank you for visiting our home-we hope you feel welcome!

This is the file cabinet in my

office. Design books, a gilded

pair of my son's sneakers from

some years ago, candles (which are

everywhere as I love the

atmosphere they impart), a globe clock, and a vintage leather decanter

This little table sits in front of the bookcase in my office. I fell in love with the vintage Chinese lamp at an estate sale and HAD to have it. The painted scenes are beautifully done and it has graced several places in our home before landing here.

Also on the table-a ceramic gecko made by one of my children (every home needs it's own gecko), and a vintage bronze and copper engraved evening bag

A handpainted teapot sits on one of many stacks of favored design or cookbooks.

The butler's tray in our dining room holds a crystal liqueur decanter and a set of vintage silver filigree cordials. The sterling cups were gifts to my babies, now grown

I love the detail of these cordials-

the silver filigree design and

beading around the base

Ready for aperitifs or
after-dinner liqueur. The glass
stands typically hold truffles, sugared fruit,
miniature tarts, or some other
decadent treat.

Note the beautiful, handmade tray cloth. I am an avid collector of vintage linens and this particular cloth holds a special place in my heart. This was made by someone at home to welcome a loved one back from the war. The corners are filigreed with flags and symbols of the armed forces. How many hours were spent looking forward to, and praying for, a safe homecoming and missing that special someone?
Thank you so much for visiting our home today. We are so glad to be back. By the way, we have switched to a MAC since our last posting and being as techno-challenged as I am, the learning curve has been interesting. I really need to figure out how to make pictures larger, so I ask that you please have a little patience with me till I manage to figure it out
Please visit Barb at Grits and Glamour -enjoy and be inspired!
Pattie and Allie


  1. What charming tabletops. I covet your Oriental lamp! And that purse! I like your style of tabletops!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are recovering. You really did do it with a bang!! You will never live that down. Love your office--especially the bronze evening bag. The art museum here has a whole show dedicated to evening bags--an art form! Glad you are back! Take care!

  3. It is all just lovely!

    Barb ♥

  4. Beautiful tabletops...the silver is gorgeous.

  5. Oh Pattie, where has my head been? How did I not know that you had a heart attack? *Mmmmmmmmmm* did you feel that? It was a nice big cyber hug for you my dear friend! I'm so glad you are recovering well.
    And your house, WOW doesn't even begin to describe your house! I LOVE IT! Mark my words that when my hubby and I finally win the lottery I'm flying you out here to help me decorate! =)

  6. Glad you are on the mend and that is a lovely winter themed tablescape.


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