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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

♪♪ ♪Come on baby... ♪ Let's do the Twist...♪♪

It's Tablescape Thursday...

            and we'll be joining most of Blogland at Between Naps on the Porch for Susan's party. Come join us and see the most creative and gorgeous tables you've ever seen.
      See that pretty little table up above? That's a circa 1940-50s folding card table. I love these! I had been wanting one for a while and when this presented itself at a yard sale some years back, I snatched it right up. In our former home, I actually had it hanging on a wall in the back hall. Here in NC, it resides in a corner of our family room until I call it into active duty.

These came with a variety of different prints. I love this little cottage, but I've also come across several depicting an English style fox hunt- just charming!

 Our family is on the large side, so our tables tend to be rather monstrous in proportion. Our kitchen table is a 60 inch square that seats 8 and the dining room table always has at least one leaf in to accommodate 8-10.
     So when a friend calls and says she's stopping by and my mouth happily spews an invitation to lunch (because adult female company is a GIFT and because I forget for the moment that the floor needs washing and the dust bunnies are rolling), I want something a little cozier and appropriate for a relaxing chat. Since our screen porch is currently unavailable (see yesterday's post here), I pull out the card table and set it in front of the living room window so we can at least pretend we're outside.
   As many of you know, I love to collect vintage linens. Among them, I have a special fondness for little card table sets from the 1950s and 60s. They bring back many fond memories of my parents and their friends getting together for cards and maybe a little dancing in Grandma's basement. 

Mom and Dad circa 1965 in Grandma's basement- check out the hairdos and minis! They DRESSED for house parties

My brother and I would sneak out of bed and try to catch a glimpse and find out what everyone was laughing about. Those were the days when almost everyone smoked (remember those ladies' cigarette holders?- the ultimate in sophistication) and cocktails were de rigeur. 

Dad the bartender and his brother Frank

 My brother got himself in a bit of trouble once when he was about 5 or 6. He awoke early the morning after one of these shindigs and my mom must have been quite tired the night before as she had left the cleanup till morning. My brother "helped" in the cleanup by emptying all the glasses that had been left- by drinking them. His upset stomach was a lasting punishment, to both him AND my mother!

They were quite the partiers in their time- I WANT that phonograph!

Mom doing the Twist

A vintage retro table!

Just pretend you're looking out the window on this beautiful, sunny day. Unfortunately, facing the window means I can't get a decent picture so I had to drop the shades.

Is this cute or what? Love those 50s colors!

I'm using a peach lustreware ramekin for the asparagus soup I made yesterday. The cups and saucers, including the one I used under the ramekin are vintage Fireking Jadeite- one of my favorites! The Jadeite sugar bowl will hold fresh orange curd to dip some biscotti in

I have a set of 4 of these vintage glasses with a sort of Carnival glass quality. The orange and blue worked perfectly here
In the center of the table is a vintage Italian Deruta flower frog. I have a couple, but the colors on this one worked here and it's a nod to Italy for the table. I'm putting some white daisies from the market in there as soon as I find a minute to cut them :)

I love this old pitcher. It mimics the lustreware and reminds me of the pitcher we always used for juice at the breakfast table. I also used a pair of tiny vintage diner S & Ps at each setting

These card cloths had such cute, fun motifs!

♪♪ ♪Come on baby... ♪ Let's do 
the Twist...♪♪

Join us tomorrow for Foodie Friday at Gollum's. There will be something yummy on the menu (as soon as I figure out what's in the pantry)

As Always,

Buon Alimenti, Buon Amici,

Pattie and Allie


  1. What a charming table! I love the nautical cloth and napkins. All you need is Johnny Depp sitting across from you ;) Oh wait, I want him sitting across from me!

    Love the old photos! Basement parties and the twist - what a blast from the past.

  2. so I shoulda know you had jadite that I lust hoo!! But I dearly love the great rockin pics of your groovy Momma!!

  3. I LOVE those old photos! I have always known I would like your family and this cinches it! I can't believe that is a card table!! I have never seen one like it. Your table is beautiful. I adore the colors and linens!

  4. I loved looking at the vintage photos of your parents partying. It's too bad people don't dress up at home anymore.

    Your vintage tablescape is right up my alley. I love it all! My mom has a collection of Fireking Jadeite like yours.

  5. my mom had those peach ramekins- I don't think they made it to this house- I'm sure Lou or Joe tossed them or they went in the garage sale :( had I known I would have given them to you with the scale and flat iron, etc.

  6. Love the photos and the wonderful memories you have. Your tablescape is just gorgeous. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  7. Pattie, This is a precious table. But before we talk about that, I need to say that the photos of your parents twist and shout parties are wonderful. I would have loved to have been invited! They look like they are having so much fun!
    Now for the table- I just am smitten with that card tablecloth! It is fabulous!!!!! And I love the way you used peach and blue together with the touch of green jadeite. I have those exact peach lusterware ramakins. Aren't they wonderful. Do yours have glass lids?
    Please hug Allie for me!
    So fun to see your pretty table and hear about "our" family.
    Hugs to you too!

  8. Cute cute and cuter:) Everything..really.You know those tables? they look like paintings I have that my mom did:)♥

    Love the old pics of your parents..Pattie how young are you?

  9. This is a lovely and fun post Pattie. I love your collection and the cute fotos! btw I wld never wipe my mouth on those gorgeous napkins!

    btw, I emailed you a few days ago. wonder if you received it and the package? Do let me know if you haven't I am gettng a little concerned.


  10. Pattie..56 here:) You have boundless energy I was curious:) You look great!:)Hi Zurin!!

  11. Love the vintage tableware! The pitcher is gorgeous!

  12. Pattie, You just amaze me every week with your tablescapes! is so much fun when we can have that adult conversation time with our girl friends!! You have the most beautiful linen collection!

  13. Ahh, those great parties of the 60's! Cute photos of your parents. I love your card table, what I would give for one. Your retro table is great, love all the "old" dishes, especially the jadeite. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I remember those parties..the bar in the basement! My mom and dad had an old juke box too..what memories!
    Your table is lovely,,you saved all those treasures even though you moved? Amazing!

  15. Great photos of the house party. What happened to those days? Love your vintage table linens, they are wonderful!

  16. Your whole post is so 60s it's just great. Green and orange were huge colors and your glasses and dishes work wonderfully to put the look over. Adorable photos of your parents. The twist was huge! Chubby Checker had a big hit. -- Jane F.

  17. This took me down memory lane with you. My Aunt Peg and Uncle Rocco had those home parties on friday night.. I remember them well.
    Your table looks wonderful..


  18. I love the vintage Jadeite!!!! Beautiful table!

  19. Oh how fun to see those vintage fun family photos! Ah sweet memories! Love your vintage dishes and what a find with the table!

  20. Pattie and Allie: I love your tablecloth and the green and pink are just smashing! Joni

  21. Pattie and Allie...Oh, I just adore your card table! So neat you can just set it aside until you need it...and it's beautiful displayed in the corner. Love the pic of your Mom and Dad and the one of your Mom doing the twist...what delightful pics to have of your parents! Beautiful tablescape and those napkins are the matching tablecloth, too! Great tablescape! :-)

  22. Hey Ladies!

    I love this blog and all the tablescapes! Makes me think that you will love my Spring Catalog! I would like to email you my website but I can't find your email address so I guess I will post it here. Hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

  23. What a great post! I just love the memories. Your table is lovely! :)


  24. Great old times! Your post is really interesting and funny too. I did never heard from this card tables. Its amazing, how nice they look as a painture and then you can use it as a table, very practically. And I enjoyed seeing your photos. Nice memories to a good time. In this time I was a child too and I remember how I tried to do twist.Thank you for this nice post. Nice greetings from Germany, Johanna

  25. How fun is this! The twist & basement parties...I love the story of your brother finishing the drinks:-) The Jadeite & lustreware colors are beautiful with the tablecloth!

  26. I dont dance well. But Imma try to do the twist.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  27. Wow, those vintage linens are wonderful! And you really highlighted them with the great dishes and glasses you put together. Such a fun and interesting table! Love your photos, too!

  28. Your post has made my morning! First, I find the "tablescape" amazing. Love the linens and imagined your setting overlooking the Atlantic. Second, the photos remind me of my parents. Yes, parties back in the day were the scene of well-dressed participants. I also recall my mother changing into a nice outfit before my father arrived home for dinner in the evening. And, until she actually sat down to eat, she had a pretty apron on.

    Thanks for the memories.


  29. Good Morning Pattie and Allie!
    Growing up Italian... I just love visiting your posts ... the photos bring me back to my own past celebrations! Yes, we did 'dress up' for family gatherings! Denim was for farm and garden work!
    Your grandmother's basement is awesome! My Zia had the party basement in the family, no bar {that I remember} but she had a pool table that was so much fun for everyone!
    The card table is fabulous and it was definitely purchased by the right person ~ who would keep it well and enjoy it!
    It was so nice visiting ~ and ~ grazie for your visit to my post!

  30. Your painted folding table is darling! I've never seen anything quite like that. I remember sitting at the top of the stairs and spying and eavesdropping on my parents' dinner parties. Your old pictures are always so fun!

  31. I loved the vintage linen and the photos of your parents. They make quite a handsome pair. Your table is, as always, lovely. I hope you had some good "girl talk". Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  32. Awesome post. Your vintage photos with your pastel vintage tablewares make everythings perfect.

    Happy TT.

  33. Hi Pattie, love the vintage linen. How nostalgic... actually the whole post was nostalgic. You are such a great hostess... Also, my mother in law has the most awesome table linen collection... at every family get together she pulls one of the perfectly ironed ones out. It is such a treat!

  34. Oh I love those old photos and they bring back such fond memories. My Mom use to wear a cute little mini dress and then wear a mink stole with it to church:) I still have that stole and not sure I would wear it now but I can't part with it because of the good memories. I would love to post old photos on my blog but not sure how to do it? I remember my Dad and Uncles use to wear great hats back then to. I think they wanted to look like Frank Sinatra maybe:) Thanks again for a walk down memory lane.

  35. Love those vintage textiles. It was fun to see the photos of your parents twisting the night away. I have such fond memories of the years when "twisting" was all the rage. Thanks for sharing it all!

  36. Hello Friend~ ~You have a lovely set of linens today. I had a little card table with a big basket of peonys on it once too. I really love these folding tables pretty and functional. Thanks for sharing.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  37. Great oolor combination -- peach, blue, and light green. And love the black & white photos. Very creative post! Thanks.

  38. I have been looking at recipes for the torta di riso just this week. It sounds like an amazing dish. As always your stories and pictures are wonderful.

  39. I remember the twist! In fact when it first became popular we did it as a finale in one of my dance recitals!

  40. My father & mother danced the Twist!

    Your fish with red grapefruit sauce sounds so good to me!! red grapefruit rocks in fish dishes as divine as this one!

    Your dessert is a real winner too!

    MMMMMMMMM, the pictures too!

  41. Just checking your blog to make sure I did not miss anything!

  42. Wow, I have never seen those card tables before! They are just fantastic! And, Of course,I love all the vintage dishes on the table! I have a couple of the same pieces and love them!

    I swear Pattie, between you and I, we could combine all our dishes, serving pieces, glasses and linens and open our own store! Of course, we couldn't actually SELL any of it! That would be insane! Hey, maybe renting? LOL

  43. Love your meal, your tablescape and your old photos - all just lovely! :-)


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