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"The rooms that you use on a daily basis are the rooms people will always want to sit in, because they have soul." --Bunny Williams


"If you want to live forever and ever, drink wine and eat maccheroni." ~~~Sicilian Proverb

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time to sit on the Porch! Foodie Friday- Curry, Italian Style!


     It's Foodie Friday and we'll be linking up at Designs by Gollum. Many thanks to Michael for hosting the week's yummiest party!

    It's also the end of another busy week at Casa Bramasole. Remember yesterday when I gave you a peek at what Mr B. was doing here?

Well, this morning it looked like this

I decided to repaint some furniture and plant stands 
and so our backyard looked like this... (see my little helper there? He did most of the supervising)

Our annual clean-up and freshening is almost done. Want a peek?

we're not quite done yet...

but we're getting there....

just a few more plants and maybe some candles....

and wine. Definitely wine.

One thing I have learned since moving South is that Southerners know how to DO summer. 

Screen porches become the most lived in rooms in the house.

And that's as it should be

     As those of you who follow us know, most of the recipes I post here are Italian. This is because I tend to use this blog as a written history of our family so that my children will be able to look back some day and say "Is THAT what she was talking about??" Someday...
In real life, I don't only cook Italian, but it is the most frequently found cuisine on our table. 
        Actually, the three most frequently found foods are probably  pasta with butter and parmesan, pizza, and chicken nuggets- because those are the only 3 foods my two youngest boys will eat. Yes, I know- it's pathetic. 

Tonight I'm going to share a pasta dish that I made earlier this week. It happens to be one I love both for the flavor and for the ease and speed of preparation. As it happened, a client of mine had brought me some lump crabmeat ( I shared that with you here) and some shrimp. I have used this dish in cooking classes a few times and I always see raised eyebrows when I pull out the curry- after all they came to see Italian cooking, didn't they? 
       Actually, Italian merchants were trading with India centuries ago. Curry is frequently used particularly in the areas near port towns such as Liguria. I love the colors of this dish and the smoky heat of the curry combined with the sweetness of the apple. 

Pasta con Gamberi al Curry (Pasta with Shrimp and Curry)

about 3/4 cup good olive oil
2 large onions, chopped (I used 1 white and 1 red- what I had)
2 apples- peeled, cored, quartered and then sliced crosswise
about 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1 lb. shrimp- peeled and deveined
2-3 tsp. curry powder (to taste)
1/2 cup white wine
1 pound fine spaghetti or capellini
Salt and Pepper to taste

 Cook the pasta in a large pot of well salted boiling water. While the spaghetti is cooking, start the sauce. Heat the olive oil, saute the onions and apples till the apples just start to soften- don't overcook. Add the parsley and stir well. Add the shrimp, curry, and wine. Raise the heat a bit and cook till the shrimp become opaque and orange, stirring frequently. Drain the pasta, combine it with the shrimp mixture and stir

Tonight's dinner was roasted pork tenderloin. I had some leeks that really needed to be used, so I turned them into a side dish that my Nonna called a Torta or Tortina and my old neighbor called a "souffl-iche"- she said it was a combination of souffle and quiche! You can adapt this by adding other veggies, but I actually love the leeks on their own

Leek Souffl-iche

1/4- 1/2 cup olive oil (depending on how many leeks)
2 large leeks (what I had), sliced in half lengthwise and cut cross-wise in 1 inch chunks
2 Tablespoons flour
6 eggs
3/4-1 cup grated parmesan cheese
8 ounces heavy cream
3 cloves garlic, pressed and minced
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Grease a 1 quart souffle dish and place it in a roasting pan. Put a pot of water on to boil.
Heat the olive oil and slowly saute leeks till soft but not brown (I got a little distracted). Put cooked leeks in a bowl and sprinkle with flour- stir. In another bowl, beat together eggs, cheese, cream, garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper. Mix well with leeks. Pour mixture into souffle dish, pour boiling water in roasting pan about 1-2 inches high around the souffle dish. bake for about 1 hour till set and turning golden.

As Always,

Buon Alimenti, Buon Amici,

Pattie and Allie


  1. Pattie your porch looks so pretty and comfortable! That is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy summer.

    The shrimp, apple and curry pasta dish looks scrumptious! They are flavors I never would have thought of combining but I'm sure they taste so good, and the leek "Souffl-iche" is also so imaginative!

    I always enjoy your wonderful blog!
    ♥ Pat

  2. Pattie, you have such a beautiful porch! Oh, my- I would love to sit and have a nice cool drink with you! And then while I was there I'd have to ask you for a cooking lesson... and then we would have to look at your family photos... and then we would have to shop with Allie... and then... well, you get the picture!
    I am wild over your souffle/quiche! I'll make it this weekend- probably Sunday. Yummy! I can't wait.
    Give a hug to Allie for me.
    Yvonne xo

  3. Yum...we love shrimp, pasta and curry! Excited to try this recipe. I know the kids will love it! I am so glad to hear you cook chicken nuggets too!
    Your porch looks wonderful! I like how you have the curtains in the corners! You always pay attention to every detail! Looks great...and have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Your porch is so pretty, Pattie! How I'd love to sit and enjoy that with a glass of wine and a good book! As always, always, always...your food looks outstanding. The leek quiche is gorgeous and I'm sure it tastes divine! I am bookmarking this...but going to ask hubby to make it for me! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh my neighbor. What a lovely porch you have!!!! I am in Raleigh. Thanks for sharing the delicious recipes as well....they look delicious!!

  6. Wow! Your porch redo is just lovely!! I am bookmarking you leek dish! Joni

  7. Oh Yvonne said it all! What a fabulous porch... LOVE the pillows! Your dinner looks wonderful too... Last year we grew leeks in the garden... I'll have to keep this one {we had soooo much leek soup... I need a new recipe ;o)
    have a sweet weekend!

  8. As a Southerner I do know about porches and mine are used often. Yours is lovely. I also like to cook Italian foods because my grandchildren love it. I must please them when they come to dine. I enjoyed both recipes you posted and will make a copy and try them soon. I could eat pasta anytime but a seafood pasta dish sounds fabulous. Thank you for sharing.


  9. That is so interesting putting apple into the dish. I too would never have thought of it. It looks divine and I am sure that my pasta-loving family would also love this!

    Your porch area looks fabulous too!

    Best wishes,

  10. We love shrimp in our house and we love leeks - so thank you for posting two such delicious sounding recipes! I'll be giving them a try over the next few days - they sound wonderful.

  11. Your porch is wonderful! If I could make one change to my home I would add a porch. I have a lovely patio but it just isn't the same.

    Love the apple and curry in this pasta dish. And the leek souffle will be perfect when we grill this summer.

  12. Your porch looks lovely. How nice to be able to sit out there, enjoy summer and eat the wonderful food you create. The curry looks superb!

  13. Hi Pattie! Your porch looks fabulous! What a wonderful place to relax. The recipes sound great. I never dreamed curry was used in Italy! I love the idea of shrimp curry and pasta---what a great combination!

  14. OH my goodness....your porch is fantastic. Love the curtains too! I'd like to do something similar with curtains but I'm concerned about a mildew problem.

  15. Everything looks fantastic! That is just the sort of outdoor setup I would love to have! We're currently playing with ideas for our backyard and now you've got my wheels turning...(I'm sure my husband will thank you!).

    As for the! That pasta dish is knocking my socks off. We're *probably* going for Italian tonight...we'd better be, after looking at this! :-)

  16. Your porch looks so welcoming! It really is fantastic. Both recipes are wonderful, Pattie. I especially like the curried pasta. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  17. Pattie, how do you find time for all of this?! I love how the patio turned out. And I will be making the curry shrimp pasta for my inlaws next time they come over for dinner. They are foodies too. Would love to hear about your dear g.d.

  18. superbes photos ainsi que le soufflé, je suis gourmande c'est comme ça!!!
    bonne journée

  19. Both of these dishes look scrumpt-deli-cious.

    We are on our way home. Spent the night in KY and will cross the Mississippi this morning. I can't wait to get home and get going on the back porch fixup for this season. Your porch looks gorgeous!! I want to hang a curtain or curtains and wonder how you have the rods attached. Our trim is vinyl, so I'm having a time figuring out how to hang curtains.
    Will be catching up on visits, next week.

  20. Beautiful porch, Patti! It will still be a few weeks before we get our outdoor furniture out and I'm getting excited.

    I think shrimp and pasta are a match made in heaven! The leek souffle sounds wonderful too - thank you! I'm copying both ;)

  21. OMG! Look at that porch! WOW! It looks FANTASTIC! YAY! YAY! YAY! Clapping over here! Thank you for stopping by and looking in on the garden projects, and for your always kind words! :) Hey! Come by and enter my giveaway for $100 to CSNlighting. You can use it for any lighting products on their website! Hope you'll stop by for a chance to win! :)

  22. I just found your blog, and your porch looks beautiful!!! I'll be back to look around, I want to check out some of those mouth watering dish you've made... :)


  23. I love your porch. It would be my favorite spot! This pasta sounds flippin amazing!!!

  24. First of all Pattie, your porch looks absolutely beautiful!! I know you have put a lot of work into and it shows!

    Another pasta dish that look delish but nice and simple! I really like curry. It can add just that little "extra" to a dish when used correctly. I'll have to give this a try.

  25. Oh what a lovely setting that porch is! I can picture joining the two of your for a cup of tea and a chat about the charm of the south, good food, colorful gardens and......! Thanks for another delicious recipe as well.


  26. tes recettes sont vraiment appétissantes
    tes photos sont fantastiques j'aime beaucoup
    bonne journée

  27. So beautiful! I just love your porch.

    Food...Oh so YUMMY!

  28. Hello, So glad I just found your beautiful blog. I am Greek American,born and raised in Charleston SC But live in NJ with my Italian American husband and we have 3 children. They are all ready to graduate college, HS and middle school this May and June.I also love to cook and have an extensive collection of antique linens I am blessed to have handed down. I so appreciate your documenting your wonderful life, traditions and recipes for us to read and try to cook these delicious recipes. These homemaking arts should be celebrated and passed on like you are doing for your family. I am so sorry to hear of your past illness put happy to see you are recovering in such a positive and healthy way. This blog and similar ones give encouragement to reaffirm important values about family and faith. You all have a beautiful home and hearts. Thank for logging your daily home journey. I am going to follow your posts and looking forward to new recipes, celebrations and decorating! Thank you both so much and God Bless, Emelia

  29. Oh, I forgot...yes I replied about the pics you sent. The maker is Nasco...I am about 99% certain. They were made in Japan which I believe says that on the back. I think the pattern is called Country Life or something. There is an English potter who also produced this pattern. That company is Grindley and I think they called it Sunday Morning. I'm pretty sure yours were made in the 1950's or so....not positive but pretty certain. Hope this gives a little more info. They are adorable. I love the browns with color added. I've got a whole hutch full in my breakfast room!


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