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"If you want to live forever and ever, drink wine and eat maccheroni." ~~~Sicilian Proverb

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tablescape Thursday- Breakfast with my girl and a porch freshening

It's Tablescape Thursday again and time for Susan's party at Between Naps on the Porch. We're linking up and hope you join us for a visit with Blogland's most creative and prolific dishaholics!

          Aren't those bunnies and sqirrels cute?? And that looks like my asparagus tureen up there! I've had this fabric sitting around forever. I finally decided I had to do something with it so here we are. As soon as my hubby gets done working on the screen porch...

I'll rehang the curtains, put the furniture back, and get ready for a Carolina summer! Right now I have a line-up on our back walkway- iron plant stands and a wooden bench all set to be repainted. This pillow will sit on the bench between a couple of herb pots.

It doesn't take much to make me happy :)

Yesterday was  a pretty dismal day. Allie was home sick and wanted me to help her study for an upcoming AP test while I tried to get some work done on a room design for a prospective client. We are fortunate in this house to have a large enough master bedroom that I'm able to have a bit of a seating area in front of the windows which line the back wall. 
Breakfast with my girl...

Sorry for the pictures- It was rather gray, but still seemed to photograph so brightly :(

Hmmm... still trying to convince Ray that he wants hardwood in this bedroom....

Blue peacocks were a lovely generous gift from a client whom I helped prepare for her daughter's wedding

Turquoise bubble glass berry bowls and goblets... the transferware pot held her favorite hot chocolate 

These bronze dogs have followed us to 3 homes- they're so heavy!

I love the colors in these plates. I recently painted our room a pale silvery gray blue and hung white sheers for the summer

A vintage Italian print and transferware- it's very ME

Vintage Lenox- an estate sale find with the two matching candlesticks

Care to join us?

Join us tomorrow for Foodie Friday at Gollum's- I'm hungry already!

As Always, 

Buon Alimenti, Buon Amici,

Pattie and Allie


  1. Oh I love your coffee table and your tablescape is just wonderful. The dishes are stunning. Your room is beautiful. I need to see more. Awesome. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  2. The peacocks are so exotic! So beautiful.

  3. I am just loving the blue sooo much. The peacocks are so fun! Joni

  4. Just a little visit to say that your photos in dim light did turn out nicely and your dishes are very pretty:)

    You've been working hard~

  5. OH my, the blue peacock plates are gorgeous! You have so many dishes and serving pieces that I truly love. Not that I need any more but you know how it is!

  6. Patty-Sometimes a "pajama day" together is just what the dr. ordered! Those times will slip by before you know it! The peacock plates are just gorgeous and unlike any I have seen before. My bedroom is blue and brown also--love your sitting area and coffee table!

  7. Have you ever gotten your painting from the giveaway?--did not see an email address

  8. Love the peacock plates and blue glasses. And the fabric(top picture)is wonderful!

  9. So many beautiful objects in one lovely post! Nicely done! You used my absolute favorite color combination, and those dogs are wonderful. Like you, I'd want them to follow me from home to home to home!


  10. Oh Pattie, I LOVE both the charger plates and the peacock plates! Those colors are BEAUTIFUL! And love the transferware teapot and the plates on the wall. Everything looks just beautiful! I hope Allie is feeling better soon!

  11. Pattie and Allie, I just linked your looked like it worked. Then I noticed you already linked up...should I delete the other one?
    Love your beautiful tablescape!

  12. Tell Allie we hope she feels better! Hot Chocolate is sometimes the best medicine and one on one time with Mom! You set a beautiful table!! I love the blue with the brown in the china! I am thinking that one day we'll read about hardwood in the bedroom :)

  13. WOW, you two are fancy! Here it would have been a bagel and a plate and napkin! You go all out. Beautiful dishes!
    About the deer..get DEER OUT is a MINTY smell and it does work...I get it right from to the door. I do go through a lot of it..

  14. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I read your informative and well-written blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

  15. This looks like such a fun thing to do (although my kids eat at the coffee table to watch TV all the time!!). I love your dishes...they do look Old World Italian!! I like the whole color scheme!

    I'm so glad I stopped by. You both have such a great blog here!! :-)


  16. This is so pretty -- I love your color combination. Very pretty!

  17. I so love your chique porcelain wear & your fab cooffee table!! So cute too!

    It all looks very pretty & very tasteful !

  18. The turquoise & brown are one of my favorite color combinations! Love the dinner and peacock plates~ how special they were from a client. Love your italian transferware hanging on the wall too :-)

  19. Peacocks -- so glad to see those again. Whose dishes are those, if I may ask? Thanks for stopping by my blog. -- Jane F.

  20. pretty! So elegant! Be blessed. Cindy

  21. What spectacular dishes! And those bubble glasses are perfect with them. Such a lovely area in your master bedroom!

  22. What fun to have a quiet breakfast with your girl. Sorry to hear it was under circumstances of illness, but sometimes we gals need to grab time when we can.

  23. Pattie I hope Allie is feeling better today! Studying for an AP test is stressful enough with out feeling ill...the poor girl!

    This table and couch is in your bedroom?? WOW! Your home is so large and elegant! Your table setting is gorgeous --as someone said before it looks very Italian. I love the silvery blue colors.

    I know my Brooklyn Botanic Magnolia trees must seem small compared to what grows down there but you have to remember how frightfully cold it gets here in NY and I think it is a miracle they bloom at!

    Yes, we are about a month behind your area in flower growth, our Spring comes much later. The wisterias were just beginning to grow shoots.

    I love the botanic rose garden the best but I have to wait for June to see roses blooming.

    Have a good day and tell Allie I'm rooting for her to feel better and ace that test!

    ♥ Pat

  24. I do hope Allie is feeling better and is well enough to take her AP exam. Pattie, you have a lovely home and the breakfast table you set in your bedroom is lovely with those gorgeous touches of blue. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  25. Hi Pattie, hi Allie,
    I hope Allie feels better now. Your table is gorgeously. Not only the colours turquise and brown, also the plates design in the indish style makes this tabelscape very exquistite.
    Greetings, Johanna

  26. Allie -- feel better, and good luck on the AP test! They are tough, but so worth it.

    And Pattie, I would love to join you in your shimmery blue bedroom -- gorgeous wall color. I love the floating white draperies for summer --perfect!

    Beautiful table; the blue and brown are so classic and warm. Gorgeous!
    (P.S. Our beach house is where my parents used to live --now it's owned by a family trust so we all use it, but sadly we are thinking we might sell it to simplify things -- my brothers are older and retiring, moving south -- not interested. If I could afford to buy it outright, I would! Meanwhile I'll use it while I can. Such an amazing location, so many memories, too.)

  27. First things first, hope Allie is feeling much better...I'd love to be sitting at that beautiful breakfast table. The peacock dishes are simply beautiful.

  28. I love your table setting. It is just wonderful. I love the peacock plates. I am a new follower to your blog. I hope you have a chance to come say hi. Cheers, Lia

  29. The peacock plate is absolutely gorgeous. And I love the John Muir quote -- beauty and bread!! How true . . . something tablescapers understand! (He must have been one, too!!!)

  30. So gorgeous! I can't believe you have children that eat the typical kid things. From the things you post I would have expected that they eat all the good stuff too!

  31. What a gorgeous setting with all those beautiful blues. Love the peacock plates. Can you provide more information about these?
    Thanks for sharing the this lovely setting. The table with the dogs is fabulous!


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