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"If you want to live forever and ever, drink wine and eat maccheroni." ~~~Sicilian Proverb

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Club, St. Pat's and an Island-scape


       It's Tablescape Thursday! And it's been one HECK of a week at Casa Bramasole. Blogging had to take a back seat, and I have to say- even though we're pretty new, I really missed it! We're going to multi-task here a bit. Tonight is our monthly book cub meeting and yours truly is hosting. (and no, I have not finished the book yet. I'm really enjoying it, but 3 certain little angels have conspired among themselves to ensure that tonight's host doesn't know the ending. This has to be a very quick post, but Allie is determined not to miss our favorite events. Thank you Susan, for hosting at Between Naps on the Porch. Now, do you think you might be able to inspire her to put as much effort into her homework? :)

   It also happens to be St. Patrick's Day, which means I get to have a little fun with setting the table- or in this case, the kitchen island. 

Meet Mario and Seamus

They are overseeing our meeting tonight and have lots of opinions to offer

They liked the book. 

We all did. Read it.

The light is terrible for pictures, but it was the only time I had


Irish coffee anyone?

I love these cups- little blooming shamrocks and Aran
It doesn't get any better

I didn't put the whipped cream in the bowl yet

Just use your imagination... :)

More little shamrocks- so cute!

Homemade Milano cookies and mini chocolate cupcakes wearing the green...

Green and sparkly

Everyone is wearing the green...

A raspberry Chambord tart- these girls like their chocolate 

I spoil my girls

They also like their wine :)

I'm such a lush- I have to have my Italian soda
and water for the new mommies...

Everything is waiting for our readers..

Chocolate enrobed grapes and fresh orange curd- an addictive combination

mini shrimp tarts

Irish Kitchen Prayer

Bless us with good food
The gift of gab
And hearty laughter
May the love and joy we share
Be with us
Ever after

As Always,

Buon Alimento, Buon Amici,

Pattie and Allie


  1. What a treat awaits your book club...such goodies. Never have tried making homemade Milanos (love them). Love your tart too...what a festive evening you have in store for your book club. Joni

  2. ciaoooooooo!!! ma che post magnifico!!! bellissimo e buonissimo!! un abbraccio!

  3. Happy St. Patty's day to you!! What a fun post! I love those coffee cups :)
    Wishing you the best!

  4. GORGEOUS! I am wishing I was part of your book club! So inviting!

    My book club is reading THE HELP for next time. So far, I'm loving it!

    Happy Day!

  5. Oh Patty. the plates, the cups its all so pretty... I love everything you displayed..
    It all looks so pretty and festive~!
    Book Club? I want to be in a book club.. I'd love that.

  6. Hi Patti and Allie! I love your book club buffet! Now you know that Mario and Seamus can easily communicate. Food is the international language! Very cute centerpiece. I would love to be in your book club! Irish coffee please. I am in a book club too, and we have The Help for a meeting this summer. Every one raves about it! Did you like it, or should I say... are you still enjoying it.
    Give a hugs to Allie!

  7. That looks delicious!! I love your coffee mugs-so cute.
    Win Rachael Ray bake ware giveaway at my blog.

  8. I love those cups as well, they are so unique, I will be right over for my nice warm drink...Phyllis

  9. Loved this post! and this blog!!!!
    and your tablescape...
    I'll take a little of each please!!!
    and the wine...Oh-La La...
    The pie!!!
    Loved my visit...and scrolling through your previous posts...charming!

    Stop in anytime! love to have you,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. What a all looks and sounds so yummy! I like the square plates and your mugs!

  11. I would love to be a member of your book club! Everything looks so nice...pretty mugs.

  12. Yum Yum Yum love all your green

  13. The mugs are so pretty, and the tart looks so yummy!! Happy Saint Patricks Day :-) Bella

  14. Wow you went all out for your book club meeting! I was the host for ours on Monday night. A little Irish Whiskey would have livened things up a bit as we discussed Anna Karenina! Glad to get through that one! We read The Help too and all loved it. We just chose The Heretic's Daughter for the next month. Happy St. Paddy's Day to ya!

  15. Girls, another fantastic show of awesome dishes and settings! love the dishes. they are just so sweet and those coffee cups, LOVE them! And all the goodies are unbelievable!

    I need to figure out how to bottle your energy and time management skills!! You are amazing!

    Have a wonderful day!

  16. I read The Help in January and really enjoyed it. Your Irish spread looks wonderful; so many festive accents and tons of delicious food.

  17. It all looks wonderful!!! A raspberry Chambord tart?? Oh my. Sounds delicious!

  18. That is beautiful, P! Now why didn't you link it up with my Blog Crawl yesterday..It is perfect..
    Lucky Gals, you treat them well!

  19. Pattie, How do you do all that you do? You must be Wonder Woman! Everything looks so festive and delicious. My book club loved The Help. And, we drink lots of wine too!

  20. I'd read ANY book to come to a book club party at your house! That looks fantastic! So many wonderful treats and those mugs are perfect for Irish Coffee! You must have been happy that the book club night at your house fell on this special day when you have so many themed accessories for the occasion! Hope you didn't mind finding out the ending without reading it!


  21. Patti,

    Where is my invitation? It must have got lost in the mail. I am going to run outside right now to check the mail....No, still nothing. I will be standing by my mailbox! (he he he)

    LOVE IT!

  22. all in my favourite colour!! Green! i should have been

  23. Loved the book and love your table! I really like your shamrock place mats. The whole spread looks so welcoming.

  24. I love your post and tablescape it looks amazing. The food looks so welcoming and so "Irish" with all that green. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wonderful post. I wish I could be in your book club. The book is outstanding reading.


  26. What a spread!!! That tart looks divine! The celtic mugs are spectacular! Great post!

  27. What a wonderful treat for your book club --this looks amazing! Love those pretty mugs -- this looks like the place to be for St. Patrick's!

  28. You had all the makings for a fine meeting. The food and table are lovely and the hostess is a real charmer :-). Have a wonderful day...Mary

  29. Oh what fun St Patricks Day pieces and a book club too? I would love to be in a book club. Everything looked wonderful, I could tell it was going to be a lovely evening. Happy almost spring....Maryrose :)

  30. What a beautiful table setting and what a great book!!!

  31. Looks like a PERFECT way to celebrate!

  32. You have so many people in your book club! You did a nice set up:)
    I read that book and enjoyed it very much..I read the words..w/ an accent as I imagined they had..I forget the heroines names now..But it enraged me how people can treat each other:(

  33. Book Club at your home looks like delicious fun! I love those beautiful shamrock mugs for Irish coffee - so pretty!

  34. What a wonderful time! You all must have! Love the Saint Patrick's Dishes, Oh, the food! just wonderful! Thank you for visiting me at Tea Time Tuesday! Love this!

  35. What a fabulous table and so well planned too. Love the Cloverleaf Cookies but all the food is so pretty and festive!


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