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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tablescape Thursday- an Easter Breakfast Table

         It's Holy Thursday and Easter preparations are in full swing along with normal, busy daily living. Blogging will have to be quick and easy this week. Our family Easter traditions have always revolved around church, kids, and food. Come to think of it, so do our daily lives- not a bad thing :)
   We always have an egg hunt for our kids first thing in the morning and they are always "surprised" at the end with a large basket of treats left at the table. I'll be waiting for the call and email pictures from our son in Florida who will be sure to keep his camera aimed on our precious grandbabies who can't be with us as they hunt for their treasures. They get the best of both worlds as they are celebrating Passover this week too.
  We're linking up with Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch with our most gracious hostess Susan. We love this party!

Our Easter breakfast will consist of a mix of traditional Italian Easter savories and some more basic breakfast fare for my husband who prefers much plainer fare.

We start with a vintage crochet and applique  linen cloth

Spring is here

Layers of color reminds me of Spring flowers..

individual flower arrangements in hollowed out egg shells- an idea blatantly stolen from Yvonne at StoneGable :)

Hint:- if you're going to plant little flowers in dyed, hollowed out egg shells, be sure to have extra shells on hand. 

Ask me how I know. 

And tiny manicure scissors work quite well to cut the shell to size

The bunny cake plate will hold a Pizza Rustica and Mr. Bunny's basket will be overflowing with braided breads holding colored eggs

Each egg shell flower is set in a vintage depression glass cordial

My favorite Carnival glass egg plate

Two of our bunny guests- one for sugar and one pretty lady to supervise the coffee service

A dashing couple

Grandma Josie's silver reminds us of many Easters past...

These little fellas are keeping watch on the Torta Pasqualina

33 layers of pastry crust in remembrance of the 33 years Jesus lived among us

I won't tell you about the strange looks my husband was giving me as he watched me trying to stuff flower roots into egg shells

Our dinner table will be a bit more formal but no less filled with love and laughter. Wishing you all a wonderful, blessed holiday whether you're celebrating Easter or Passover. 

 Tomorrow will be busy with the making of egg breads, ricotta cheesecake, and pizza rustica which will be adorned with the blessed palms which were distributed at Mass last week.

Join us tomorrow evening for Foodie Friday at Gollum's (I hope). We'll try to have something yummy for you :)

As Always,

Buon Alimenti, Buon Amici,

and Buona Pasqua!

Pattie and Allie


  1. Your dishes are beautiful and those glasses are to die for! Love your tablescape!

  2. Lovely table, love your rabbit couple.

  3. These colors are soooo luscious! We both have rainbows this week. :)
    All the dishes are spectacular & I am jealous of your egg cups. I don't own a single one...YET!!!

    Have a Blessed Easter,

    p.s. I'll be making Easter bread tomorrow, too & we have our palms tucked behind the cross already.

  4. Beautiful. I love the all the pastels. You have inspired me to get the Easter table done. Tomorrow!!

    Best wishes for a beautiful and blessed Easter.


  5. What a beautiful tablecloth -- I love your pretty soft colors -- You've set a lovely Easter table for us.

  6. you just amaze me! What a beautiful tablescape! I have to tell you the other day at the store I was looking at linen napkins and have been so inspiring :)

  7. Your china is fabulous! Love the taablecloth too! Very pretty tablescape for Easter.

  8. My daughter wishes she was your daughter. I just don't do any of this fun stuff! And Easter is her favorite holiday. She loves bunnies, and when she grows up, she says she's going to save them from all the mean people that eat them. She's 8. : )

  9. HOw wonderful that your family traditions are so rich. I hope to build up on my family memories now that we have a little one to teach about all of this. Happy Easter.

  10. So festive, colorful and totally wonderful! Love it! Happy Easter!

  11. Beautiful table! Love the carnival glass!! Great job!

  12. Beautiful table. I love your bunny centerpiece and that tablecloth is just so pretty.


  13. I love the flowers in the egg shells. It was well worth the work (and did I detect a hint of frustration?). They are adorable. Your entire table is beautiful. I can't wait to see your dinner settings.

  14. Beautiful table Pattie and Allie. I especially love the pink stemware and the pink bowls. Joni

  15. This is just gorgeous! Love these colors because they are so rich. We are the same with everything revolving around church, family and eating, lol!!

  16. Gorgeous table - I love all the colors. The egg flower pots are wonderful.


  17. Pretty colors. What a great job!!

  18. Your tablescape looks absolutely gorgeous. I like the burgundy and soft blue shades and the plates are so nice. And I love San Gimignano, have been there several times. Look at my tablescape, because I have used my Deruta faience.

    Wish you a happy Eastertime.

  19. An Italian, truly Italian Easter there is nothing better!! Brings back really great memories. And I couldn't agree more your china pieces are lovely...........A happy Easterweek to you and family!!

  20. Very pretty, you gave me some good ideas on how to finish my Easter tablescape. :)

  21. Love your table setting and especially the vintage tablecloth.

  22. I'm in love with your precious table setting!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Oh, what a beautiful Easter table!!! I can't get over the little flowers in the colored egg shells. Now that's a labor of love! : )
    And I was so impressed with the 33 layers of pastry representing the life of Christ.
    I appreciated the great idea about using a cooling rack while dying eggs!
    And Allie's oil painting will be considered a priceless gift, always. : ) Wonderful!
    Have a beautiful Easter weekend, you two.
    Mary Lou

  24. Hi Pattie!

    Oh, I had the hardest time getting past the picture of your GORGEOUS linen!! I just found one similar but, not nearly is stunning as this one! Oh, I love me some beautiful linens!! LOL

    That carnaval glass egg dish is a truly fantastic piece. I have never spotted an egg dish in the carnival glass during all my adventuring. Love it.

    And the flower dishes, oh so pretty! And cute egg cups. Love the pink stemware!

    I think you must have the patience of a Saint to have made those cute little eggshell and flower "pots". They are adorable!

    the whole table is just stunning. I love it all!

  25. Tutto bello! What a wonderful weekend to spend in Tuscany. Hope you'll have time to stop by and see our tables, too. Happy Easter. -- Jane F.

  26. LOL, Pattie, I used to plant the flowers in the shells with my class. We had a lot of extras..cause those boys liked to smash the eggs!
    I used egg shells for my table too, but you were fancy and dyed yours first! I am a plain Jane white shell.
    Your table is the colors and your rabbits are so sweet!
    I did not know that about the 33 layers representing His 33 years..very interesting.
    Have a blessed Easter!

  27. The vintage tablecloth is so pretty! I have a similar one but I'm always so afraid to use it for fear it will get stained, but it's just silly to leave it in the drawer just taking up space!

  28. Gorgeous table! And in love with the dishes, stemware and all your little touches bring it together just right. Great job!
    Happy Easter,

  29. I love your colors! Despite the snow and wind we have been experiencing all day, it looks like spring in your dining room!

    Susan and Bentley

  30. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous table. I love the blue plates (I have the white!), the gorgeous stemware and all the perfect details of your table. The brown bunny planter is cute too. I bet Easter is fun at your house. I think all the NC bloggers should have a Blogger Convention at your house this Sunday! LOL! :)

  31. p.s. Do you happen to know the name of the taupe/brown your walls are? It is so pretty. I'm looking for a similar one and can't seem to quite find the perfect shade.

  32. ciao!! i tuoi post sono sempre splendidi!! Tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua!! un abbraccio!


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